Blues™ Iso-Kit™ Subwoofer Assemblies

Trick enclosures just got a whole lot easier! It used to be if you wanted to do something wild you invested long hours to build the perfect exotic enclosure. That has all changed now! The Blues™ Iso-Kit™ is a pre-assembled isobaric driver structure utilizing two Blues™ Loudspeakers wired together to create one 4 ohm driver system. The units are assembled using a transparent acrylic tube which allows the internal structure to be revealed, while providing a strong and minimally small sealed chamber between the two drivers. Electrical hook up of the unit is accomplished by attaching speaker wiring to the standard connectors on the rear driver. You can even reverse mount the assembly outside the enclosure, showing off the whole see thru structure and making the internal box even smaller since there is no internal box displacement subtracted for the assembly.

The Iso-Kit™ can be used in a sealed or ported enclosure with a single unit per chamber. No removable service panels are needed to access the internal driver since the pre-assembled unit drops in a standard sub enclosure through a normally sized speaker cut out. This also eliminates air leaks in the enclosure from removable panels. The Iso-Kit™ is available in an 8 inch version and a 10 inch version. The 8 inch Iso-Kit™ 8 uses a standard 10 inch cut out opening to mount into, and the 10 inch Iso-Kit™ 10 uses a 12 inch mounting cut out. The mounting flange has a hole pattern that matches a regular loudspeaker mounting pattern, making the Iso-Kit™ easy to retrofit into an existing speaker enclosure. When used in an existing enclosure the lower limits of the frequency response will be extended, the Iso-Kit™ will have a much lower distortion level than the single driver it replaces, and the bass response will be smoothed.

An enclosure built specifically for the Iso-Kit™ utilizes as little as half the internal volume (net volume) normally required for a single woofer in a traditional enclosure. For example, when building an enclosure specifically for the Iso-Kit 10™, an enclosure of .75 cu. ft., or half the average sized enclosure for a single Blues™ BL10 , will have the same basic response level as one single 10 inch driver in a 1.50 cu. ft. enclosure. Smaller enclosures than this can be utilized with satisfactory performance.

The Iso-Kit™ will have a much improved bass response over the driver it replaces. The Iso-Kit™ will also have increased electrical power handling due to the dual motor structures shared by the two drivers, rather than one motor assembly on a single driver. The Iso-Kit ‘s™ output could have a slightly lower efficiency level than that of the driver it replaces, however, this is a normal condition in all isobaric enclosures. Porting the enclosure to make use of the sound from the rear driver will increase the output level and overcome any losses in efficiency. Frequency tuning of the port into the frequency range from the lower 30 to mid to high 20 cycle range will insure proper power handling and low bass extension.

Tom Nousaine, of Car Stereo Review, originally tested the first generation of these units in 1992. His response after testing was, “Spatially, The twin Iso-Kits were excellent - No, make that superb.”

We have changed a lot since then and made things better. The new generation of Blues™ Iso-Kits™, have a higher efficiency and a lower Fs than the old generation, making them a better sounding system than ever before!

ISO-Kit™ 8 ISO-Kit™ 10
Freq range 20Hz - 4KHz 20Hz - 2KHz
Resonant Frequency (fs) 29 32
Impedance - Ohms 4 4
Sensitivity 2.83V@1m tba tba
Min Recommended Enclosure .35³ .6³
Qts .358 .418
Vas - liters 26.18 28.42
Cutout diameter 8.3125" 10.125"
Cutout - fractional 8 5/16" 10 1/8"
Mounting depth 7.5" 9"
Outer diameter 10.065" 12.25"