For those wanting to use the BL8 as a subwoofer; we offer them as single drivers in either 4 or 8 ohm. The woofer is exactly the same woofer you would buy in the BL8C component set.

The BL8 has an Fs of 29Hz and a usable frequency response of 20Hz to 4kHz. We recommend a minimum of .65³ feet for sealed applications. Moving to 1.25³ feet will improve output and further smooth the enclosures response curve.

All Blues™ woofers can be used in sealed or ported enclosures. Ported enclosures need to have 20% more air space plus the port. This can be adjusted based on your needs.

A butyl surround guarantees you won't ever have to worry about it rotting away. The outer dustcap is rigid and sized so that it becomes a structural element to provide strength to the speaker cone. Like all Blues™ woofers the BL8 has an inner dustcap to seal the voicecoil hole. The Rubatex gasket ensures a positive seal for those wanting to mount the woofer from the front.

A push button terminal allows easy hookup while keeping a strong connection to your speaker wire. Easily accepts up to 8 awg wire.

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