It all starts with one of the smoothest tweeters you will find. No harsh metal domes here. These are lightweight fabric domes, neodymium magnets, and a 27mm voicecoil. The Blues™ BLT1 is precise and tough. With an FS of 1800hz it plays low enough to couple with any midrange or midwoofer. Even still it has a smooth response out beyond 20k.

A simple two way crossover with compensation network keeps the phase and impedance nice and flat for most of the speakers frequency range. The tweeter has a 12db Butterworth high pass crossover with impedance compensation. It also has a tweeter protection circuit designed to protect without adding any "color" to the sound.

The woofer is full range with impedance compensation and rolls off naturally. The natural peak at resonance helps to provide a smooth low end rolloff while keeping the woofer under control under high power. Keeping the phase angle near zero is one of the keys to the coherence and clarity in imaging you get from all the Blues™ drivers.

For those wanting to use active crossovers, all Blues™ component sets are also offered with a compensation network only instead of a passive crossover. Power handling, response, and phase all remain the same.

All Blues™ woofers have a bumped backplate and an extended pole piece. The "bump" allows more room for voicecoil travel. The extended pole piece improves magnetic force and reduces distortion when the motor assembly nears the limit of linear exursion.

The additional material adds more heat sink for the voicecoil. The backplate and pole are one piece which provides better heat transfer than cheaper two piece units. Even the black paint is designed to improve heat transfer. The BL65 pole piece has a 5/8" vent in the center to move enough air to cool the voicecoil.

We used Kapton™ for our voice coil formers for several reasons. It has a very wide working temperature range, it is dimensionally stable throughout its working temperature range, and it is incredibly light. It allows the voicecoil heat to be transfered through it to the pole piece unlike Aluminum formers which will heat up the glue that holds the former to the cone and spider. Aluminum formers are prone to expansion when they heat up. Kapton™ does not do this. It also does not have problems with high frequency resonances common with Aluminum.

All this addes up to a tough woofer. Instead of giving theoretical numbers randomly decided upon in a marketing meeting we believe everyone should know how much heat (watts) our woofers can actually handle. The 6.5" woofer handles an honest 140+ watts.

Most manufacturers rely on their cosmetic dustcap to seal the rear of the cone from the front. All Blues™ woofers have an inner dust cap to do this. The rigid outer dust cap is sized so that it acts as a structural element to reduce cone flex which reduces distortion.

A butyl surround guarantees you won't ever have to worry about it rotting away. The Rubatex© gasket allows a positive seal for those wanting to mount from the front of the woofer.

A push button terminals allow easy hookup while keeping a strong connection to your speaker wire. All woofers easily accept up to 8 awg wire.

You don't get this kind of accurate midrange and bass response from a 6.5" driver just anywhere. In one of our test vehicles we are using this driver in stock speaker locations with some sound deadening and people comment on the sub even when the sub is off!

Each component set comes with two BLT1 tweeters, two woofers, two crossovers, a hardware kit, and specs sheet.

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